How can we contribute to the project?


I have experience in Appium and worked several projects using Java and JavaScript.

Would love to contribute for the same. Is there any git repo where we can? Please let us know


Hi, that sounds great. We don´t have an repo since so far, there is not much code. But maybe we can invite you for our kick-off event. Would you like to send me an e-mail to discuss details?

Best, Miriam


From your experience with appium - how far do you think we can automate these tests? Is it for instance possible to detect sign-in-fields and fill them in automatically? And how about calls for permissions, when they come up during the test, could you automate how to answer the dialogue? How far would you get with one test-script for several different apps? Could appium handle instructions like: If you see this event-field, do that and if not do something else?